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Seafood Chowder, Mussels, applewood smoked rib tips

Soup: Edgar’s Seafood Chowder

Mussels: Tropical Big One Maine Mussels, sautéed with garlic, mixed peppers and onions, finished with coconut, chicken broth and crushed red pepper flakes and thyme 13

Applewood smoked rib tips with island barbecue sauce, coconut shrimp 11

Chunu Oysters served on the half shell with horseradish, lemon and cocktail sauce 14

Oysters Rockefeller style 10

Macadamia nut crusted Alaskan Sole, served with crab fondue, micro greens and fried okra 27

Herb grilled Blue Marlin, sun dried tomato and basil risotto, mixed vegetable relish, finished with Tangerine xvoo drizzle 28

Grilled 16oz Porterhouse, served with herb roasted fingerling potatoes, grilled mixed mushrooms and onions, finished with grilled asparagus and black truffle oil 33
14 oz T-bone 29