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Mussels sautéed with garlic or Fried Heirloom green tomatoes or Oysters on the half shell or Lemon and herb grilled Mako shark or Pan Seared scarlet Snapper

This week at Edgar’s Restaurant in Akron Ohio, we have some unique feature plates including Mussels sautéed with garlic, Fried Heirloom green tomatoes, Oysters on the half shell, Lemon and herb grilled Mako shark, Pan Seared scarlet Snapper


  • Soup: Chilled Tomato Bisque


  • Cape Cod Petit
  • Chunu from Virginia 13

Featured Entrees:

  • Mussels sautéed with garlic, julienne onion and mixed herbs, served in a saffron broth with grape tomatoes 12
  • Fried Heirloom green tomatoes topped with summer tomato basil salsa, finished with xvoo 10
  • Oysters served on the half shell, Cape Cod Petit, Chunu from Virginia 13
  • Lemon and herb grilled Mako shark, served with smoked tomato and basil risotto, topped with mango and arugula salald
  • Pan Seared scarlet Snapper, served in a pesto clam broth, wild mushroom ravioli, roasted red pepper relish with capers and smoked salmon 26