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Chef Glenn Gillespie Nominated ABC Nightline Platelist

Executive Chef Glenn Gillespie nominated as one of top 20 chefs in America.

Nightline People’s Platelist Contest online voting begins August 26

August 6, 2010…Executive Chef Glenn Gillespie of Edgar’s Restaurant has been named as one of the top 20 chefs in America by ABC Nightline People’s Platelist.

View the final 20 at

“Wow. This is so exciting! I can’t get over it!” exclaimed the normally cool and unflappable Chef Glenn. Known for his fabulous, slow-smoked meats, seafood and Cajun-influenced menu as well as his signature hats, Gillespie got a call from the ABC Nightline contest administrator informing him of his new status as one of the top 20 chefs in America on July 27.

“Next step is creating our online video for the online voting site. It’s going to be tough fitting all about my menu and food into a short video. I guess it’s just like one of our menu items though.” he laughs. “Getting all those flavors and background onto one plate!” Chef Glenn’s attitude is that “food is love. It’s family. It’s stories.”

Online voting begins August 26 and the winner will be announced live on the Nightline during the week of September 27, 2010. Viewers will be invited to log onto the Nightline page at ABCNews.com (http://abcnews.go.com/nightline) to vote for their favorite finalist between August 26 and September 26. Voting is limited to one vote per individual IP address. The finalist receiving the most votes online will be declared the winner of the contest.

Vote For Glenn Gillespie from Earl on Vimeo.


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