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Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Edgar’s Restaurant!

Chef Glenn will have a special fixed-price menu for New Year’s Eve. This complete menu will be a taste sensation starting with appetizers through main plate — with four or five entrees to choose from — and finishing with dessert. Ring in the new year in a festive yet cozy atmosphere. Call quickly to book your table. Soon we’ll post the menu to tempt you.

Here’s what new and fresh:


These delicious, juicy fruits are a cross between a tangerine and a bitter orange.  The juice is fragrant and sweet and is less acidic than an orange. Look for plump fruit with deep orange shiny skin.  Avoid fruit that looks dry or slightly shriveled.  Serve atop salads or in desserts.


Many varieties are abundant this year due to a perfect growing season.  Try the New Zealand Fuji.  Its slight acidity and firm flesh pairs well with cheese.  Granny Smith is a tart, firm versatile apple that keeps well and is great for desserts or salads. Great on a tart.


Many types are readily available at your local market. Roasting is an easy preparation.  Cut lengthwise, scoop out any seeds and center, brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast at 350° until soft. Serve as a side dish.  Or scoop out the cooked flesh and mash, or combine with herbs and cream for a hearty bisque topped with feta or blue cheese crumbles.

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